Canestest 阴道感染自测盒(居家自测真菌/细菌阴道感染) Canestest Self-Test Vaginal Infections

Canestest 阴道感染自测盒(居家自测真菌/细菌阴道感染) Canestest Self-Test Vaginal Infections

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Canestest 是一种单步自测,可帮助诊断常见的阴道感染,例如鹅口疮或细菌性阴道病。

Canestest 阴道感染自我测试是一种临床证明的自我诊断测试,它清楚地表明您可能患有哪种类型的阴道感染。结果在短短 10 秒内出现,这些测试的准确度为 90%。每个包都包含 1 个测试,使用起来非常简单,允许用户在自己舒适的家中进行自我诊断。您可以自信地诊断私密健康状况,而无需去看全科医生或医疗保健专业人员。



  • 清晰、可靠的结果
  • 结果立即出现
  • 让您掌控自己的私密健康
  • 有助于诊断常见的阴道感染
  • 帮助您选择正确的治疗方法
  • 经过临床测试,准确率超过 90%
  • 易于使用且易于阅读

Canestest is a one-step self-test to help diagnose common vaginal infections, such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis.

Canestest self test for vaginal infections is a clinically proven self diagnostic test which indicates clearly what type of vaginal infection you may have. Results appear in just 10 seconds and these test have a 90% accuracy rating. Each pack includes 1 test which is incredibly simple to use allowing users to self-diagnose in the comfort of their own homes. You can confidently diagnose intimate health conditions without having to see a GP or a healthcare professional.

Unusual vaginal discharge can be a result of bacteria, yeasts or parasites or a combination of these microorganisms. An evaluation of the kind of infection you have is highly important and allows you to choose the most appropriate treatment.

Features of Canestest self test for vaginal infections

  • Clear, reliable results
  • Results appear immediately
  • Allows you to take control of your intimate health
  • Helps to diagnose common vaginal infections
  • Helps you to select the right treatment
  • Clinically tested with more than 90% accuracy
  • Easy to use and easy to read
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