Gaviscon Infant x30 sachets婴儿香囊(婴儿胃反流, 消化不良的儿科药物)

Gaviscon Infant x30 sachets婴儿香囊(婴儿胃反流, 消化不良的儿科药物)

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Gaviscon 婴儿香囊 x 30 剂 - 用于婴儿消化不良


如果您的孩子小于 2 岁并且患有反流,您可以使用该产品作为他们日常喂养的一部分,以帮助稳定他们的胃内容物并缓解他们的症状。这将有助于让他们保持舒适,并减轻他们在反流使他们吐痰或感到胃灼热时可能感到的痛苦。

除非在医疗监督下,否则不得用于 1 岁以下的婴儿。
剂量:1-2 岁
母乳喂养:4.5 公斤以下。一包。超过 4.5 公斤 - 两个小袋。

每剂含有:海藻酸钠 225mg 和海藻酸镁 87.5mg

What are Gaviscon Infant sachets?
Gaviscon Infant Sachets are a paediatric treatment for gastric reflux. If your child is younger than 2 and suffering with reflux, you can use this product as part of their daily feeds to help stabilise their stomach contents and ease their symptoms. This will help to keep them comfortable and ease the distress they may feel when reflux makes them spit up or experience heartburn.

What is gastric reflux?
Gastric reflux, which is a type of acid reflux, happens when your stomach contents work their way up from your stomach and into your food pipe. This causes irritating symptoms like heartburn, which can be very distressing when it happens in babies who don’t understand what’s going on. If your baby has gastric reflux, you may notice the following symptoms:

Being sick
Spitting up more than usualm
Bringing up their feeds (posseting)
Becoming distressed

How will Gaviscon Infant help to ease my baby’s reflux?
Gaviscon Infant uses two active ingredients which work together to ease gastric reflux, sodium alginate 225mg and magnesium alginate 87.5mg. They both work as reflux suppressants, forming a protective layer over the contents of your baby’s stomach, helping to keep it from coming back up and reducing reflux.

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