Teetha Teething Granules x24磨牙颗粒剂(缓解出牙疼痛和与出牙症状,即牙龈酸痛、脸颊发红和流口水)

Teetha Teething Granules x24磨牙颗粒剂(缓解出牙疼痛和与出牙症状,即牙龈酸痛、脸颊发红和流口水)

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什么是出牙? 当宝宝的牙齿开始向上穿过牙龈,长出第一颗牙齿时,就会发生出牙。在此过程中,新牙齿会切开宝宝的牙龈,使他们感到疼痛并感到烦躁。出牙通常在您的宝宝大约 6 个月大时开始,但可以更早或更晚开始。

牙齿穿过的地方疼痛、发红的牙龈 一侧脸颊泛红 ,你的宝宝比平时更想咀嚼东西 你的宝宝很挑剔和不舒服





每袋 300 毫克颗粒含有:洋甘菊Chamomilla) 6c,



供口服使用。对于 3 个月大的婴儿。

· 婴儿应保持直立或坐姿,将颗粒慢慢送入婴儿嘴的前面,一次一点。

3-6 个月的婴儿应使用勺子,一次给予半袋。在给剩下的一半之前检查所有的颗粒已经完全溶解。


· 每 2 小时使用一包,在任何 24 小时内最多服用 6 剂。

- 如果婴儿对任何成分过敏,请勿给婴儿服用此药。
- 将任何未使用的药物退还给您的药剂师进行安全处置。
- 将所有药物放在儿童接触不到的地方。
- 请勿在纸箱和小袋上显示的有效期后使用。

如果症状恶化、持续超过 7 天或出现任何副作用,请咨询医生或合格的保健医生。


请勿在 25°C 以上储存。存放在原包装中。

What are Nelson’s Teething Granules?
Nelson’s Teething Granules are a homeopathic remedy for teething, using natural ingredients to soothe baby’s sore and irritated gums. Ideal for parents who want to ease their baby’s teething pain using natural ingredients instead of medication.

What is teething?
Teething is what happens when your baby’s teeth start to move up through their gums, giving them their first teeth. During this process, the new teeth cut through your baby’s gums, causing them pain and making them feel irritated. Teething usually begins when your baby is around 6 months old but can start earlier or later. Some of the most common symptoms of teething include:

Sore, red gums where the teeth are coming through
One cheek is flushed
Your baby wants to chew on things more than usual
Your baby is fussy and uncomfortable

How will this product ease my baby’s teething pain?
Nelson’s Teething Granules contains the active ingredient Chamomilla Recutita, which is an extract of chamomile flowers. Chamomile is traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, making it the ideal herbal remedy for teething pain.

How to use Nelson’s Teething Granules
For babies who are over 6 months old, put the baby in an upright or sitting position and slowly pour or spoon the contents of one sachet into the front of the baby’s mouth. Do this a little at a time. Make sure that the granules fully dissolve in your baby’s mouth. For babies aged 3 – 6 months, pour half a sachet into the front of baby’s mouth and wait for granules to dissolve, then give the remaining half of the sachet. For all babies, use one sachet every 2 hours, making sure not to use more than 6 sachets in any 24-hour period.

When should Nelson’s Teething Granules not be used?
Nelson’s Teething Granules are not suitable for use on babies younger than 3 months old. Do not use this product if you or your child are allergic to any of the listed ingredients, you can find these in the patient information leaflet. This product contains lactose, if you have been told that your baby has an intolerance to some sugars, please speak to your doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist before using this product. Nelson’s Teething Granules may not be suitable for some babies and may not be suitable for use at the same time as some other medicines, speak to your doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist if you are unsure whether this product is right for your baby.

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